The Basics of Scaffolding

Trafikverket 48 minutes

The purpose of this course is to increase the knowledge of those who work with scaffoldings and to ensure a safe work environment. Unfortunately, accidents and injuries are not unusual around scaffoldings, and fall accidents are the most common cause of death in the construction industry.

The need for proper training is therefore evident, and the Swedish Work Environment Authority (Arbetsmiljöverket) has imposed sanctions on all companies violating the requirement for training. While this course is based on shore-side activities, it is very much applicable to vessels. If an accident would occur on board a vessel, the outcomes could be much more severe than on shore due to small and hot surroundings.

You are given a theoretical understanding of how to erect, modify, work on, and dismantle scaffoldings with a working height of two to nine meters. Risk assessment, ergonomics, and the provisions for working on scaffoldings are covered in this training. Make sure that you, as a student of this course, read the instructions carefully to minimize the risk of injury.

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The Swedish Transport Administration is responsible for the long-term infrastructure planning for road traffic, rail traffic, shipping and aviation, as well as for the construction and operation of state roads and railways.

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  3. Language: English
  4. Length: 48 minutes
  5. Intended for: This course is intended for anyone using scaffolding onboard or at a shipyard.
  6. Reference: This course is based upon the Swedish Work Environment Authority's regulations about Scaffolding. AFS 2013:4.