The Fundamentals of Electricity

Graham Van Brunt 5 hours and 1 minute

This course introduces the fundamental concepts of electrical direct current circuits, which form the basis of all electrical/electronic courses.

This course examines Ohm's Law, Series and Parallel Circuits. The first and perhaps most important is the relationship between current, voltage and impedance; Ohm’s Law and its relevance to Series and Parallel Circuits. Subsequently, this will lead to the development of Kirchhoff's Laws as they help to further analyze Network Analysis and Metering Circuits.

Conductors and Insulators are investigated along with their connected components. We'll talk about capacitors, inductors and how they are influenced by electromagnetism.

Course author

Graham Van Brunt

An entire career in the power sector of engineering, Graham graduated from Queen's university coupled with subsequent studies with Wilfrid Laurier University to travel the globe and apply his skills and garner his protection and control experience internationally. His passion for staying in touch with his profession and his kinship for mentoring has kept him in front of an audience of learners.

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  3. Language: English
  4. Length: 5 hours and 1 minute
  5. Intended for: All seafarers who work with or are progressing to work with electricity.
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