Trigonometry for Electrical Engineering

Graham Van Brunt 5 hours and 18 minutes

This course takes you from the fundamentals of trigonometry to the more sophisticated requirements in electrical engineering. As you work and study electrical engineering you are going to run into proofs and equations that are based on trigonometry. Base knowledge of intermediate mathematics, equations and binomials will be advantageous.

This course will cover the fundamental trigonometry for studying AC current, voltage and impedance calculations; phasors (vectors) are used and combined mathematically lending themselves to several needs to rely on trig functions and identities. We shall then cover: Point Lines and Angles, Intersecting and Parallel, the Pythagorean Theorem and finally delve deeper into trigonometry with a look at unique triangles, rations, unit circles, trig identities, etc.

Course author

Graham Van Brunt

An entire career in the power sector of engineering, Graham graduated from Queen's university coupled with subsequent studies with Wilfrid Laurier University to travel the globe and apply his skills and garner his protection and control experience internationally. His passion for staying in touch with his profession and his kinship for mentoring has kept him in front of an audience of learners.

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  3. Language: English
  4. Length: 5 hours and 18 minutes
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