Danish Maritime Legislation for Senior Officers

5 hours and 0 minutes
Avg. rating 5.0

Danish Maritime Legislation for Senior Officers

5 hours and 0 minutes
Avg. rating 5.0

This course is in compliance with the training programme of the "Danish Shipping Legislation for Foreign Senior Officers Except for Master" approved by the Danish Maritime Authority (DMA) in compliance with the requirement for the issuance of a Danish Recognition Certificate valid for service as foreign chief officer, chief engineer or second engineer on board Danish-flagged vessels.

The goal of the course is for the participants to gain knowledge and understanding of relevant Danish maritime legislation necessary in the performance of their duties.

Kindly note that a fee of Euro 89.99 is required before the issuance of the Official Certificate. Please get in touch with training.support@green-jakobsen.com.ph to make payment before enrolling in the course.

Topics in this Course

Legislation Regulations and Policies

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Certificate of Completion
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  2. Language: English
  3. Length: 5 hours and 0 minutes
  4. Intended for: All foreign (non-Danish) senior officers and engineers who are candidates to serve on board Danish-flagged vessels and have taken the Safety and Health course
  5. Approved by:DMA
  6. Certificate Validity: 5 years
  7. Reference: Order on the recognition of foreign certificates for service on merchant ships and training in Danish maritime legislation (certificates of recognition) - Order No. 783 of 12 June issued by the Danish Maritime Authority.
  8. Last Updated: September 23, 2022

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