Safety and Health (§ 16)

1 hour and 22 minutes
Avg. rating 4.8

Safety and Health (§ 16)

1 hour and 22 minutes
Avg. rating 4.8

This course is in compliance with the ‘Order on occupational health training for members of the safety group in merchant ships’ issued by the Danish Maritime Authority.

This course aims to qualify the participants to perform their activities as members of the safety committee and in cooperation with others – to promote a healthy and safe working environment on Danish merchant ships.

The goal is that the participants shall acquire a holistic understanding of the occupational health area and acquire competencies that will enable them to cooperate with other crew members about the maintenance and promotion of health, safety and well-being, and inter alia contribute to preventing and solving occupational health related issues on board.

Kindly note that a fee of Euro 599 is required before the issuance of the Official Certificate. Please get in touch with to make payment before enrolling in the course.

Topics in this Course

Legislation Regulations and Policies

Shareable Certificate

Certificate of Completion
  • Earn a Seably certificate of completion
  • Download or print out as PDF to share with others
  • Share online to demonstrate your new skill

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Green-Jakobsen A/S is a maritime consultancy offering ship owners, operators, ship management companies, and maritime entities a unique combination of skillsets that encompasses all aspects of managing the human element in shipping. With a compass as its emblem, Green-Jakobsen’s team sets a firm course for you by analysing, diagnosing, and then improving the safety mindset, leadership, and human resource performance of your people onshore and at sea. We do this by using our combined decades of experience with proven, custom-made programs fitting your company culture that focus on the human element to improve performance and ultimately your bottom line. By balancing industry know-how with out-of-box thinking, we transform strategy into daily work by using tangible tools which we co-design with you, implement alongside you on board and in the office and then measure how effective we have been together. Green-Jakobsen specialists accompany you every step of the way - they are your guarantee.

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  1. Rating:
    Avg. rating 4.8
  2. Price: Free
  3. Language: English
  4. Length: 1 hour and 22 minutes
  5. Intended for: All non-Danish senior officers and engineers who are candidates to serve on board Danish-flagged vessels.
  6. Approved by:DMA
  7. Certificate Validity: 5 years
  8. Reference: Order on safety work in merchant ships (Occupational health in ships) - Order no. 846 of 25 June 2018 issued by the Danish Maritime Authority.
  9. Last Updated: January 31, 2024

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